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Clear your mind here


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Preppy Autumn, follow for the best fall season yet!

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Think I might actually have to put the heating on this week, bloody cold this week! I’ve only had it on 3 times since I moved in in May!


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I hate seeing spoiled girls get a pony and leave it in a field to get fat. And of course complain when she sees him like once every 2 weeks that he isn’t forward enough. Poor pony always wants cuddles when you go in the field to get another pony..

happy 38th birthday, alexander skarsgård [25.08.1976] !

This weekend to be more accurate!

Why do teenagers act like fuking 5 year olds when they don’t get their own way? Working with a bunch of hungover waynes today. Fuking organise your own tea breaks!!

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Did you bring any food this time? #max #horsesofinstagram #barrglen