Taking photos of the trees overhead at the dovecote at Glenbarr.. #dovecote #glenbarr #springwalks #february

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Risør, Norway


Fun facts about your sign here

44 hours this week, gonna be fecked by saturday! :-SS

Locked up the shop myself last night :-)

Definitely getting into a routine for the 10pm shift.. So much to remember though!

Mum thought she’d try growing some ginger cat this year :-) with sun lotion on her ears :-P #noodles #cat #catsofinstagram #catinaplantpot

make me choose - likeasummer asked 2 season’s Eric or 3 season’s Eric

Wishing it was July, mid 20 degree heat, Campbeltown had a proper beer garden and I wasn’t working 2-10 tonight..

Perfect day today!


Kavala, Greece (by Akis Kev)

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